Growth isn’t always about getting bigger. Sometimes it is about getting better and stronger in order to deliver services that fulfill your mission and impact your community. Figuring out what kind of growth best serves your mission at any given time is key to success. Growth is important for the vitality of individuals, organizations and the nonprofit sector.


We were very lucky to have Judy Hansen help our Board re-write our bylaws and Board policies for the Ogden House Senior Citizens’ Club. Thank you, Judy, for all your hard work, great input and cheerful personality. With your help we were able to understand the importance of every word, as well as the laws and regulations that we have to obey.


Alexandra Witczak, Executive Director, Ogden House Senior Citizens’ Club







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Nurturing the Growth of Emerging Leaders

Alberta Board Development Program


Alberta Culture, Board Development Program has focused on improving governance of nonprofit organizations for thirty-five years. In that time, the workshops and resource materials have been targeted to people who are serving on a Board at the time they participate in the program. However, in recent years inquiries have increased from people who are considering becoming a board member and also from organizations looking for education for their members about being a Board Member. Recognizing that preparing potential Board members for their role is just as important as supporting Boards already engaged in governance work, Alberta Culture committed to developing an Emerging Leaders workshop as an addition to the Board Development program. One of the impact8 team developed the curriculum and facilitation materials for the new Emerging Leaders program that will be piloted in early 2015.

Engaging Stakeholders to Enhance Impact

Green Certificate Program in Alberta Agriculture


Alberta Agriculture’s Green Certificate Program is an industry-driven training program providing opportunities to earn credentials leading to careers in agribusiness. It is an apprentice-style approach with a variety of specializations that remained constant for many years. When Alberta Agriculture wanted to consider adding courses to the program, one of the impact8 team designed and facilitated public engagement sessions to determine service needs, then led key stakeholders through a process to set course development priorities for the Green Certificate program. The diversity of participants provided both challenge and richness to a process that included 800 interviews plus a structured process to assess and integrate results into the existing infrastructure and programming. Agriculture is an important part of Alberta’s economy, and the Green Certificate Program helps interested people successfully enter the industry.

Facilitating Learning in the Nonprofit Sector


One constant in the nonprofit sector is change – whether it is change in funding, change in the circumstances of those that are served, change in the labour market, change in the environment, or you name it. Successful change is fueled by learning. The impact8 team facilitates learning and growth in many different ways. A member of our team has developed and facilitated workshops on Executive Director level leadership transitions and provided over 100 hours of follow up coaching to selected participants to reinforce leadership development and aid implementation. We’ve mentored Boards and Executive Directors to assist them in their learning and growth as leaders of their organizations. We’ve worked with organizations to develop useful and customized processes to support individual and organizational performance. We’ve supported organizations through learning in action, so they could build on their skills and experience to solve real problems in real time. Every project is an opportunity to facilitate learning within the sector and to enhance our learning about the nonprofit sector.

Integrating Outcomes Based Service Delivery into Organizational Design

McMan Calgary


Alberta Human Services has embraced Outcomes Based Service Delivery (OBSD) as a way to focus service delivery on the difference it makes in client lives versus the activities that organizations undertake. McMan Human Services in Calgary decided to take a systemic look at its organizational processes and structure to consider how it might change its organizational design to better support OBSD and enhance outcomes for its clients. One of the impact8 team supported the Management Team at McMan through surveying all staff, preparing a report of the survey along with other research and facilitating sessions with the Management team to review the research, consider how it related to McMan strategies and determine how organizational processes and structure could best support future success.