Organizations are always involved in some sort of transition. Some transitions have more impact than others…either because they were handled well, or because they were not. We believe that organizations that work intentionally together through transition have positive exponential impact.


“Frank was instrumental during a major transition for Spiritus Chamber Choir by assisting the Board in moving from an operational focus to a governance/policy model. This was accomplished by a number of sessions guided by Frank that culminated in our first formal Strategic Plan and a focused action plan.”


 Tom Van Hardeveld, President, Spiritus Chamber Choir








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Increasing Sustainability to support Vision and Mission

Sonshine Community Services


Sonshine Community Services has been bringing healing and hope to Calgary families since 1978. The support of the community and the passion of staff and volunteers enables Sonshine to make huge impact on the lives of women and children fleeing domestic violence. As part of Calgary’s comprehensive community response to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, Sonshine has committed to building on its expertise in children’s programs and care by providing a therapeutic centre for children who have experienced violence and other forms of emotional trauma. The leadership of Sonshine wanted to be sure their expansion and growth would be sustainable. Our consultants supported the Board and Staff at Sonshine in the development of a strategic framework and through an Organizational Assessment to identify a plan for Sonshine to achieve its Vision and Mission with increased sustainability.


Dealing Effectively with Growth and Change - SPEC Association for Children and Families


SPEC has served the community of Brooks and the County of Newell for thirty-six years by providing services for children and families. Always focused on the needs of a vibrant and changing community, SPEC has also remained vibrant as it changed programming to meet community needs. During the last five years, SPEC has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability as it realized that growth was placing pressure on the organization and threatening its ability to meet its mandate. SPEC’s response? An Organizational Assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement for sustainability, robust strategic planning, strengthening both strategic and operational Human Resources, changing governance practices to better support SPEC at this stage in its history, and developing a succession plan for staff and board to ensure strong and consistent leadership through change. Members of the impact8 team have been privileged to work with SPEC on these important steps for long-term sustainability.

Attracting and Retaining Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector


Recognizing the leadership challenges and high turnover in Alberta’s nonprofit sector highlighted in “Addressing the Leadership Challenge: Executive Directors’ Views on Tenure and Transition in Alberta”, members of the impact8 team help leaders strengthen their skills and organizations increase their capacity. In particular, we’ve led and supported multiple executive transitions with succession planning, talent management, coaching and leadership development services to address transition challenges from the health, social services, arts, community service, education, housing, and environmental sub-sectors increasing the ability to attract and retain top executives for the nonprofit sector.

Increasing Impact for the Good of our Community


Volunteer run, grass roots organizations do amazing things for our communities. Sometimes the mission of such organizations is needed so much that they outgrow their ability to effectively provide services, as volunteers face burn out or find it difficult to increase their contributions of time and efforts to respond to increasing needs. One of our team facilitated a merger for just such a valuable volunteer run, grass-roots organization with a large organization with mature infrastructure. This led to doubling of services, increased program awareness and increased funding. These passionate community contributors realized they could do more good for Calgary through formally coming together…and with expert support worked hard to make it happen.

Building on Traditions, Achieving Renewal - Ghost River Rediscovery


Founders bring organizations to life through passion and commitment. Founders must eventually leave, and others step up to carry an organization forward maintaining the core and moving in new directions as needed. Ghost River Rediscovery (GRR) has a long and successful history serving urban Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals in Calgary and around the world. GRR took transitioning from a founder-led organization as an opportunity for renewal in key areas such as governance, strategy, communications and organizational structure. GRR’s passionate staff and Board, with the help of one of our team as well as other supporters, has achieved renewal while building on and honouring their strong Aboriginal traditions.